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Jessika Burnside

❧ Well, isn't that just peachy?

Birth Name : Waverly Wolfe
Current Name : Jessika Burnside
Nickname : Jessie, or Jess (Nat calls her 'my bitch' regularly)
DOB : 1988
Hair : a very dark brown with auburn highlights, very full, and wavy
Eyes : mahogany brown
Height : 5'8"
Weight :134 lbs
Orientation : straight
Current Status : single (will eventually become interested in Hunter Salinsky)
Personality : sarcastic, playful, realistic, caring, aggressive, aloof, flirty, distrusting, predatory, and selfish
Scars / Distinguishing Marks : crescent bite marks on her left side, three long claw marks down her back, a dark scar under her jaw, and one of her eyes is more hazel than brown, baring the indistinct shape of a honey-colored star
Strengths : analytical, decisive, superhuman speed, binocular vision, heightened sense of sound, determined, perceptive, poised, patient, efficient, skilled in weaponry, trained in different types of martial arts, adaptable, and a natural marksman
Weaknesses : unwilling to let go of her guilt, judgmental, sometimes rash, physically weaker than most of her opponents, her mating cycles (she almost can't resist the smell of a potential mate during one of her cycles), she doesn't heal as quickly as her fellow test subjects, she can't survive without a serum she must inject herself with every 48 hours, she bottles things up (when she explodes, she becomes emotionally unstable), a lousy cook, and selfish (it's a defense mechanism)
Pet Peeves : false leaders, people looking for a leader, cowards, betrayers, bright light (due to her extremely sensitive eyes), Nat's constant attempt to get her in a tight black dress, lights being left on in an unoccupied room, the smell of filth, and the color red (due to it being her sister's favorite color)
Temperament : It's a bit back-and-forth throughout the story; she goes from trusting her sister to recessing back into her shell when she finds out her true motive. She then risks her life to save her sister.
Character Archetype : Lone Wolf
Best Word to Describe Her : Kūdere
Conflict : her very nature, drilled into her from all the experiments she suffered through, her sister's abandonment, her mother's suicide, her father's cruel and crooked nature, and her dependence on the serum she must inject herself with to remain alive
Greatest Fear : bending to anyone's will
Motivation : The will to survive (at the beginning of the story).
Traumatic Events That Have Defined Her : her sister leaving her at a young age, witnessing her mother’s suicide not even a year later, her father beating her, that strange and hungry darkness that nearly eats her alive in that forsaken church, growing to love her new adoptive family and having them ripped from her, seeing her step-mother gunned down, being sent off to one of Umbrella’s many facilities to be a Guinea-pig, years of tests on her body, being forced to commit murder, being attacked and learning the most efficient ways of killing (she holds her sister Li Na partly responsible for becoming what she is now)

A R T ★ B Y : Z O M B I E 4 P I E
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